Modern in Houston

Minella House
Architect: Allen R. Williams Jr.
6328 Brookside Dr.

A forgotten episode in 1950s suburban development in Houston was the attempt by a number of architects and designers, including Phillip G. Willard, Lucian T. Hood, Anthony Luciano and Allen R. Williams, Jr., to devise alternative systems to wood framed construction using concrete and masonry products. Williams went so far as to create a short lived company called Century Homes that built at least four contemporary houses throughout Houston with a system of interior and exterior concrete tile walls and concrete slab roof pieces.

This unusual concrete masonry construction makes the Minella House a significant example of modern, residential architecture as it evolved in mid-twentieth century Houston. The original owners, Angelo and Lillian Minella, owned and operated a plumbing supply company in the East End for decades. The current owner, Ben Koush, purchase and remodeled the house in 2004. The Minella House is designated as City of Houston Protected Landmark, a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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